SYNC Your Meds

Medication Synchronization (Med Sync) is our free service that aligns (syncs) all your medications to the same cycle, so you receive one 4-week supply of all your medications, including OTCs and Vitamins, all at once.

Imagine picking up all your medications just once per month – or for our Med Sync customers, we offer free delivery!


  • It’s a free service, and your co-pay will stay the same – there is no additional cost
  • Less trips to the pharmacy
  • Eliminates calling in multiple prescriptions
  • Lessens the risk of forgetting to pick up prescriptions
  • Improves patient medication adherence and compliance – A healthier you!


How does your Med Sync Program work?

It’s simple and we do all the work for you. We contact your Doctors, and current Pharmacy (if you are switching to us). To get started simply,

  1. Talk to any of our Pharmacists or staff at Joliet Professional Pharmacy and inquire about enrolling in our Med Sync program. Simply stop by or call us at 815-725-9314.
  2. Our Pharmacists will thoroughly review all your current monthly medications and create a comprehensive plan to synchronize all your medications. Often during this process, we uncover duplicative medications that can be eliminated, saving you money!
  3. When your 4-week supply of prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vitamins are ready pharmacy staff member will call you to confirm your pick-up date or set a delivery date that is convenient for you.
  4. Each month, one week prior to your medication cycle ending, we will call you to find out if there have been any changes to your medications since your last cycle. And the process starts all over again – SIMPLE!
How much will this service cost me?
At Joliet Professional Pharmacy, we are happy to offer our MedSync service at no additional charge.
What can I benefit from this Med Sync service?
If you have multiple prescriptions, or if you tend to miss your doses due to missed refills, we highly suggest that you take advantage of this service. With MedSync, you can get 4 weeks’ worth of your prescription, making sure that you are able to get everything you need all at once. You no longer have to constantly call the pharmacy for your prescription.
Do I have to go to your location to pick up my prescriptions?
Joliet Professional Pharmacy provides you with two options: you can either come to our pharmacy, or you can ask us to deliver it to your residence. Note that our delivery services are FREE.
Who benefits from Med Sync the most?
The MedSync service is available to everyone, but is of particular benefit to those who take ongoing monthly medications.
Can I include all of my medications, like my Aspirin and Vitamin C, if I use the Med Sync service?
“YES! All on-going monthly medications that are taken orally, including over-the-counter medications, like Aspirin, or any vitamins, like Vitamin C can be included in our Med Sync service.

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