Medication Simplified

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  • Med Sync

    Our Med Sync program is free and aligns (syncs) all of your medications to the same cycle so you receive one, 4-week supply of all your medications. For customers on Med Sync, we offer free delivery!” Learn More

  • The KodoPak

    The KodoPak takes Med Sync to the next level. We align (sync) all of your medications in a 4-weekly supply and package them in the simplest way, our KodoPak– the easiest way to take and manage your medications. You’ll be confident that you are taking The Right Medication at the Right Time with our pre-sorted individual KODOPAKs. Each individual pak is sorted by the time and day you take them and include all of your prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and vitamins. For our KodoPakcustomers we offer free delivery!
    Learn More


    Our friendly drivers at Joliet Professional Pharmacy can happily deliver your medications straight to your door. Free delivery is available to our customers on the Med Sync and The Kodo Pak program. Other customers can still take advantage of our delivery services for a very minimal fee. Please call for details. We are a full-service pharmacy and can also deliver any of your “corner drugstore” items.

  • Refill Management

    Our committed pharmacists at Joliet Professional Pharmacy will proactively contact your doctor and manage your medication refills so you, or your family member, won’t have to. With our refill management service, you no longer have to worry about running out of your medication! Also, you never have to keep calling your doctor for refills, or running to the pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions. We can automatically do it for you!

  • Pharmacist Support

    At Joliet Professional Pharmacy, we always make time for you. We have friendly and knowledgeable pharmacists and staff who are always available to help. You call, we answer –no phone prompts trying to “help” with your important health questions.

  • Better Care, Lower Cost

    We want our clients at Joliet Professional Pharmacy to have access to high-quality medications without having to spend a fortune. This is why we offer co-pays. We even go the extra mile to help save you money through manufacturer discount cards and Co-Pay reduction cards. Additionally, with our detailed Med review, we can uncover duplicative medications that can be eliminated, thus, helping you save money!

To learn more about our services, you simply have to call us at 815-725-9314 for further details and to ask for assistance.

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